Who doesn’t like to be in the know about the most popular trends? The latest hair styles, the best TikTok challenge, or in our case shingle colors!  We thought it would be fun to look back into 2021 and highlight the top 3 shingle colors that our customers selected for their roof projects!

3rd Place: In third place we have Pewter. Both the Landmark and the Landmark Pro Shingles offer several beautiful shades of gray. This shingle compliments many housing colors but especially siding in the gray, tan, and blue families.

2nd Place: By a small margin, Weathered Wood takes second place. This color presents a warmer tone with hints of brown and gray. We see this shingle color paired a lot with just about anything! Most commonly, neutrals, brick, and light colors such as blue or yellow.

1st Place: Taking home the first place trophy is the color Moire Black. Among our customers, this color is almost twice as popular as Pewter and Weathered Wood.  It pairs beautifully with endless options for siding colors, but our favorites are Pacific Blue, Colonial White, and any version of gray.

Luckily there are more than three colors to choose from to go perfectly with any home! If you want to see the rest of the colors that CertainTeed offers in our area check out their website to see more colors and to learn more about their products! There are endless combinations for your home and we would love to help you chose the right one! Check out this tool provided by CertainTeed you can start designing a color pallet with a photo of your home! 

If your home is ready to get the makeover it deserves, give us a call and we will schedule a time for you to meet with one of our project coordinators. Our appointments are quick and painless and not to mention FREE!