Owning a home requires a lot of knowledge to keep your investment in excellent shape. One of the most important things to ensure your home is protected is your roof. Asphalt shingles are the most recognizable piece, but every roof system has the same components to protect your home from the elements. Understanding your roof’s basic components will help you make decisions that are best for your home and your wallet. Whether it be general maintenance, repairs or a full replacement!

Underlayments – There are two types of underlayments used on a roof. In Michigan, the building code requires 6’ of Ice and Water barrier on all eave edges. Ice and water barrier is also required in the valleys and around all penetrations. The rest of the surface will be covered with roof felt. Underlayments add another layer of protection from water and ice buildup.

Starter Strip Shingles – These are the initial layer of shingles installed on the eave edges of the roof. They help minimize wind damage during strong winds and lower the risk for roof leaks on the eaves.

Hip & Ridge Products – Where two roof lines meet at a point, these specially designed shingles cover and leave a neat, finished look. 

Ventilation – There are two main types of ventilation. Ridge venting, where the ridge of the home is cut open an inch and a half on each side of the peak, and covered with a venting system to allow air to escape the attic. Pot vents are also commonly used on hipped roofs, and serve the same purpose but cut into the side of the roof. 

Flashing – This metal material serves as protection for areas that aren’t a natural way for water to flow down a roof. Things like chimneys, skylights or dormers are a few areas that can be vulnerable to leaking without proper flashing. 

Each house is unique and needs care with the best system to properly protect from the outdoor elements. Irish Roofing will help you through what is best for your project, whether it be an entire roof replacement or a repair. For your free estimate, give our office a call at 616-552-9070