As Fall approaches, it is important to prepare your roof for the nasty Michigan Winter ahead. While it is still sunny, and the snow hasn’t completely covered your home, it is the perfect time to start prepping your roof and gutters. Here are a few suggestions to make your prep work feel manageable:

1. Clean the fall leaves out of your gutters!
Irish Roofing will quickly install gutter guards for you, making the cleaning process super simple.

2. Fix those leaks!
If you see any leaks, it is important to fix them before the cold weather hits. A simple repair could save you a major headache this Winter.

3. Check your roof!
Take a quick look at your roof to see if any shingles are curling or missing, and give Irish Roofing and Exteriors a call to give you a free estimate. We will help you decide if your roof is ready to face the brutal Winter!

Get excited for pumpkins and apple picking, and be proactive with your home maintenance this Fall. Give Irish Roofing and Exteriors a call to give you a free estimate on your roof, windows, and gutters TODAY! 616-552-9070

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