This past Independence Day, we had the opportunity to participate in the Cascade Township Fourth of July Parade, and it helped to encourage some reflective thoughts in our team. In brief, it reinforced our commitment to hard work, innovation, and community.

First, as we walked the parade with our community members, we remembered the foundational roots of our country. Just as America was not built overnight, neither was our company. The founding members of our country were experts in hard work. They worked long hours, had countless meetings, and produced endless drafts and edits. Similarly, our Principals work long hours to ensure that every minute detail is accounted for, and to guarantee top levels of satisfaction for both our customers and our employees.

In addition to hard work, our team embodies innovation in everything we do. Much like creating and founding a country, founding a small business requires flexibility and versatility. From catering to our customers to figuring out the best system for our team to operate by, we are constantly changing and growing to be the best that we can be.

Finally, and most importantly, we reflected on the ultimate goal of our American founders: to build a community that lasts. It requires positive connections, trust, and respect to foster a community. At Irish, we are committed to building sustainable relationships in this community, and we promise to continue to stay involved and express our gratitude and loyalty for years to come.

We hope you had a great holiday, and we are excited to continue to build long-lasting relationships within this community!