When it comes to repairs on your roof, there are very important questions to consider before deciding what steps to take to fix, or replace, your roof. Luckily for you, here at Irish, we have answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

How do I know if my roof is leaking?

There are generally some tell-tale signs that your roof is leaking. First, you may see water spots on your interior ceilings. However, the spot where the water has accumulated does not necessarily indicate that the leak can be traced to just that one spot. Just like a river’s path has many bends and turns, so does water that is leaking inside from your roof.

What will my roof look like if it is need of repair?

If you look at your roof and see that your shingles are cupped, missing, or beginning to crack, it is definitely time for a repair, and possibly, a replacement (Martin 2018). At Irish, we provide free estimates to help you determine the right path to take regarding your roof repair.  

Will my insurance cover the repair?

In the case of storm damage or any natural disaster, your insurance will probably cover the repairs (Obrella 2018). At Irish roofing, we specialize in working alongside your insurance to make sure that you are receiving the most coverage possible for the repairs you need.

Who do I call to repair my roof?

At Irish Roofing, we are prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding your repairs. We are skilled in working with your insurance, working with you to get an estimate, and providing you excellent service from start to finish.

If you have any other questions regarding roof repairs, call 616-552-9070.


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