This is the era of DIY projects, HGTV, and Pinterest “Dream House” Boards. At Irish Roofing, we know exactly how to instantly transform your home through one easy renovation. By replacing and updating your roof, you alter the aesthetic of your house into a refreshed and restored home. If you want to easily refurbish your exterior in one fix-all project, we recommend replacing your roof with these trends in mind:

1. Go for a Lighter Colored Roof

An economical, energy-efficient, and chic choice, lighter colored roofs are hot this year. Lighter colored roofs are advantageous for two reasons: First, they lower the temperature of your roof, which will consequently lower your cooling costs by lowering the natural temperature of your home (Westervelt). Second, they brighten the exterior of your home without a drastic color change. Just like a fresh coat of paint, a fresh colored roof is life changing!


2. Algae-Resistant Shingles

A home renovation is intended to extend the longevity of your home. As you research what materials to use when installing a roof that will look its best for the longest amount of time, you need to follow the trend of using algae-resistant shingles (AR shingles) (IKO). If your home is older, it is possible that your current roof is not as durable because the shingles may not be algae-resistant. For your roofing project, trust Irish Roofing to modernize your roof and install a roof that will endure the tumultuous Michigan weather.


3. Shiny New Shingles

As you embark on modernizing your home, a simple solution is to have your shingles installed in a dimensional fashion (Roofing Calculator). 3-Tab shingles are a surefire way to show the actual age of your home—this is not what you want to do when you want to keep your home current! At Irish Roofing, we will work with you to guarantee that your shingle style is in trend, and that it will stay congruent with the other aspects of your home.


Ultimately, by just replacing your roof, your home will undergo a major refreshing transformation. Replacing your roof with Irish Roofing will jumpstart your home’s transformation, all while being careful to cater to your project plans and visions for your dream home.


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