As temperatures rise this Summer, so does the cost for keeping your home cool. At Irish Roofing, we provide the perfect solution to keep your home trendy, all while reducing your carbon-footprint and slashing your cooling costs. Luckily, this Summer’s trends will keep you cool, and guarantee your home is the hottest on the block.

1: Sustainability/Energy Efficient Renovations to Help your Budget
From cutting back on plastic usage, to replacing old household appliances, being more sustainable is on the forefront of priorities for many Americans. By replacing your roof with Irish Roofing and Exteriors, you are guaranteed premium installation that will ensure that your roof has excellent ventilation. With good ventilation in a roof, cooling systems function more efficiently. A new roof ensures that the air conditioned air stays inside your home! This will keep your home cooler, and cut costs on your monthly bills. A sustainable roof leads to long-term cash in your pockets! 

2: Light Colored Roofs are Stylish and Sustainable:
Be prepared to see a wave of light roofs this year! Not only are lighter colored roofs sleek and modern, but they are also sustainable. Lighter colored roofs lower the temperature of your roof, which will consequently lower your cooling costs by lowering the natural temperature of your home. Green Home Guide suggests that a lighter roof, “can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler” than a dark roof. A lighter roof helps your air conditioning system ease its load!

3: Play Your Part—Reduce your Overall Carbon Footprint!
Overall, it is important to play our part in protecting and preserving the Earth. By replacing your current roof with a long-lasting roof, you not only cut back on your personal home expenses, but you also serve to create less waste. It may seem small, but by installing a roof that lasts twice as long, you produce nearly half of the waste that would be created if you needed to install two or more roofs on your home over its lifetime. Sustainability Source


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