In the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area, it has become very apparent how much of a privilege it is to own a home. With a highly demanding housing market and a vastly growing infrastructure, home maintenance and renovations may be more critical than ever. At Irish Roofing, we recognize the investment it takes to own and maintain a home, which is why we love to offer our advice—helping homeowners protect their investments.

Importance of Roof Maintenance

Whether you are in your first home or tenth, it’s no secret that after a Michigan winter there is a need for maintenance, especially on your roof. After a winter,  and part of an early spring, that delivered record-breaking snow and ice, it is imperative to inspect and maintain your roof this spring. Your roof is your home’s primary defender when it comes to protection from the elements, keeping pests out, controlling the climate inside your home, and providing strong curb appeal. So, it’s time to dust off your ladders and take a peek at your roof.

Spring Time Roof Maintenance Tips

First, and most importantly, any work on your roof will more than likely require some climbing with a ladder. At Irish Roofing, your safety is always our first concern. So, please, do your roof maintenance safely with the proper equipment.

1. Clean it Up

Our first tip may be a bit obvious, but it is necessary and often overlooked. Cleaning your roof after a long winter is something every spring cleaning list should have.

  • 1.) Start by cleaning your gutters
  • 2.) Remove any leaves, branches or debris from your roof.
  • 3.) Eliminate growing vegetation (Moss, Algae)
  • Moss may take some extra effort to get rid of. You can start with putting some “elbow-grease” into it with a sponge or brush. Even use your garden hose. But, if that is not effective try a moss spray (found at your local hardware store) or zinc. Be extra careful not to damage your shingles.
  • 4.) DO NOT use a pressure washer
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2. Inspect

After you have your roof thoroughly cleaned, you’ll want to inspect to make sure that winter didn’t leave any damage.

  1. 1.) Start with your shingles: Be on the lookout for any cracking or buckling. Even look in your gutters to see if there is a significant amount of shingle debris that has broken off.
  2. 2.) Look for flashing damage: Flashing is any material used to cover joints or elevated attributes of your roof (skylights, vents, etc.). If this material is cracked, raised, or warped water may leak in and cause structural damage.
  3. 3.) Examine your Soffit and Fascia: Your fascia is the exposed band at the edge of your roof, and the soffit is a lining material under the eaves of your roof. Both are very important for maintaining a healthy roof and are relatively easy to inspect. Look for cracking, warping, or displacement.
  4. 4.) Check for water, ice, and mold on your roof: Water can be your roof’s worst enemy if it gets into the wrong spot. You’ll want to keep an eye out for any sagging, discolored, or darkened areas of your roof. If you have easy-access to your attic, take a look up there as well. That will make spotting any water damage much easier as you don’t have to look through shingles or material. If you do find water damage, you’ll want to replace the damaged elements. You can often remove mold yourself with a homemade water and bleach solution.
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3. Repair

Making minor repairs to your roof can save you time, money, and an extreme headache. Your roof will continue to be hit by the elements for the remainder of the year, from rain, hail, heat, wind, debris, and even snow. If you don’t make the necessary repairs, your roof’s damage will continue to worsen, making future maintenance more costly and imperative. You’ll always want to stop leaks, replace missing shingles, and remove moss or mold.

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Protect your Investment

Your house is one of the most significant investments you will ever make, and its roof is vital for protecting it. Protect your investment this spring with a little rooftop maintenance. If you find anything that is out of the ordinary, or that may need more significant repairs, we are happy to help. We offer free estimates and consultations for roofing installations or repairs to our West Michigan community, so call today.